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New Brands Added Every Week
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About Us

All Britannia Marketplace connects Great British companies with consumers who value buying British and supporting domestic business.
All sellers are verified as being based in the UK and using British materials wherever feasible. This lets those who want to buy local do so with confidence.

How did it all start?

This won't be the first story you've read that began with an idea during lockdown!
It all started with All Britannia founder, Ryan's search for a simple coffee filter. That's it.
This was during the Great Supply Chain Failure & Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. It really brought to light the extent to which we are reliant on imports and international supply chains. So a seemingly innocuous search for a single coffee filter with the added thought of 'let's try and get one that's made here', led founder, Ryan, down a rabbit hole.

Every Amazon seller was based in China, all the UK retailers stocked were products made in China. The quest to find a British-only website began.
"Surely there is a website with only British goods"
After a few days of searching for one, it became clear that it didn't yet exist.

There were a few databases and a few people talking up British Industry, but nothing that really did the job. Nothing where you could fill your online basket with exclusively British goods and pay.

From that moment of realisation, the All Britannia mantra quickly became:

"I guess I have to do it myself"

So here we are, it's time to support British Business and British supply chains. We want to do that by holding higher standards. Nothing on this website will be "51% assembled in the UK", or British on a technicality.

'100% British-made wherever feasible' is the line we take. Britain doesn't have the climate to grow everything. So if you buy a Pepper steak, the pepper may not be grown here, but it will certainly be British Beef!

It's been a rough year for everyone and a real struggle for a lot of businesses, so let's do our part and buy some Great British goods!