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Simplex Beehive Balmoral No. 3
Simplex Beehive Balmoral No. 3
Simplex Beehive Balmoral No. 3
Simplex Beehive Balmoral No. 3

Simplex Beehive Balmoral No. 3

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The Balmoral beehive tea kettle is handmade in England using age-old copper spinning techniques. With it's timeless design, it is as popular today as when the it was first patented by Newey & Bloomer in the 1950's.

Each Balmoral takes nearly a month to produce with every tea kettle encompassing only the finest copper, spun to perfection, lined with molten tin and adorned with a hand turned beechwood handle – this kind of craftsmanship is so rare today and is truly valued by our loyal customers.

Not only is the magnificent mirror-chrome exterior easy to maintain – the Balmoral No. 3 tea kettle will whistle faithfully through the spout when the time is right, just in time for tea!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your kettle to be despatched, as each one is individually crafted by hand. 


  • All Simplex Kettles by Newey & Bloomer are 100% lead-free
  • 100% solid copper kettle body
  • Magnificent mirror chrome plated exterior
  • Whistles through the spout when water reaches boiling point
  • "Stay cool", hand turned, high gloss solid beechwood handle
  • Handmade in England by master copper artisans
  • Traditional, authentic design, loved worldwide for generations
  • Suitable for gas stoves
  • 12 month warranty


  • Manufactured in England with a 100% copper body
  • Lovely chrome-plated exterior
  • Solid brass embellishments (nuts and handle brackets)
  • Lined with molten tin for a superior interior bond
  • Hand turned, beechwood handle


  • Capacity - 1.7 liters or 1.9 quarts
  • Width: 10"
  • Depth: 8"
  • Height:10"

Newey & Bloomer Simplex tea kettles are all handmade and as such, overall dimensions may vary slightly from those shown above. 



  • Keep water level just below the centre seam
  • Hand wash only and dry with a soft cloth
  • Clean chrome kettles with a wet soapy cloth and polish with a dry cloth to bring back its shine
  • Use filtered water, particularly in hard water areas
  • Empty any left over water after boiling and wipe the inside dry to prevent calcium (limescale) build up
  • Copper is an exceptional material in the kitchen and, when maintained properly, should give you many years of service

Do Not:

  • Have the flame so high that it engulfs the coil and runs up the side of the kettle
  • Leave water in the kettle overnight
  • Put your kettle in a dishwasher
  • Let your Simplex tea kettle boil dry
  • Clean with any acidic cleaning agents
  • Scrub with steel wool or abrasive cleaning cloths/brushes or pads as this can lead to irreparable damage
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