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Simplex Buckingham No.1
Simplex Buckingham No.1
Simplex Buckingham No.1
Simplex Buckingham No.1
Simplex Buckingham No.1
Simplex Buckingham No.1
Simplex Buckingham No.1

Simplex Buckingham No.1

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Newey & Bloomer have been making the traditional, authentic and genuine solid copper Simplex tea kettle in Birmingham, England since 1903.  Using the same traditional hand-spinning techniques that were first used over 100 years ago every kettle by Newey & Bloomer has ‘Made in England’ proudly stamped on its base  

Taking over a month to produce, each tea kettle is made from the highest grade of pure copper.  The Buckingham No 1 tea kettle retains its natural beauty - radiating warm, rich and opulent tones of highly-polished natural copper and will take pride of place in any kitchen.

Every Simplex kettle by Newey & Bloomer from the Buckingham collection is unique and features a coil base, designed for gas stoves to promote swift boiling and superior heat retention.  When the water reaches boiling point, the solid copper tea kettle will whistle to let you know it’s time for tea!


  • All Simplex Kettles by Newey & Bloomer are 100% lead-free
  • 100% Solid copper kettle body
  • Highly polished, natural copper exterior
  • Newey & Bloomer signature spout with centre seam, birds mouth spout designed to give a perfect, even pour.
  • Whistles through the lid when water reaches boiling point.
  • "Stay cool:, hand turned solid beechwood handle
  • Handmade in England by master copper artisans
  • Traditional, authentic design that has been loves across the globe for generations
  • Suitable for Gas stoves. 
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Manufactured in England with a 100% copper body
  • Solid brass embellishments (nuts and handle brackets)
  • 100% tin lined
  • Hand turned, beechwood handle


  • Capacity - 1.7 liters or 1.9 quarts
  • Width: 10"
  • Depth: 8"
  • Height: 10"

Newey & Bloomer Simplex tea kettles are all handmade and as such, overall dimensions may vary slightly from those shown above.



  • Keep water level just below the centre seam
  • Hand wash only and dry with a soft cloth
  • Clean copper kettles with a good copper cleaner such as Brasso or Hagerty metal polish. Remember to polish the compound well, and do not allow it to build up around the coil and the coil cover
  • Use filtered water, particularly in hard water areas
  • Empty any left over water after boiling and wipe the inside dry to prevent calcium (limescale) build up
  • Copper is an exceptional material in the kitchen and, when maintained properly, should give you many years of service

Do Not:

  • Have the flame so high that it engulfs the coil and run up the side of the kettle
  • Leave water in the kettle overnight
  • Put your kettle in a dishwasher
  • Let the Simplex tea kettle boil dry
  • Clean with any acidic cleaning agents
  • Scrub with steel wool or abrasive cleaning cloths/brushes or pads as this can lead to irreparable damage
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